5 Volkswagen Features to Help Get You Through Houston Traffic

July 15th, 2021 by

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How VW Helps You Tackle Your Daily Commute and Long-Distance Road Trips

After a rough year in which travel was limited, things are finally returning to normal which means people are back to their daily commutes and planning their summer road trips. Whether you’re caught in bumper-to-bumper gridlock on the highway or speeding along without another car in sight, having a full suite of advanced features are what make car rides enjoyable. If you’ve been searching for terms like “used cars near me” or are looking to upgrade to a brand-new Volkswagen to elevate your driving experience, here is our list of top five features that make VW a top choice for commuters and long-distance drivers.

1.) Fuel Economy

Gas prices are the silent killer when it comes to maintaining an acceptable vehicle budget. Making the monthly car payment along with insurance premiums isn’t cheap, so the less you can spend at the pump, the better. That’s why Volkswagen has always been committed to manufacturing cars that are fun to drive, family-friendly, and great on gas. Many folks in the Houston area keep an eye out for the latest model of VW Jetta for sale because they know it ranks high when it comes to fuel economy. The 2021 model gets up to 30 city/41 highway, which makes it one of the most fuel-efficient cars in its class.

Or, if you want to ditch the pump altogether, you can go all-electric with the brand-new 2021 VW ID.4, which we’re so excited about having now at Volkswagen Clear Lake. Not only will you never have to spend another dollar at the pump again, you’ll be getting one of the best subcompact SUVs in the industry that can drive up to 260 miles on a single charge.

2.) Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

The majority of recent Volkswagen models all feature Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability, which is great news for drivers who spend a ton of time out on the road. By connecting your Apple or Android smartphone to your VW, you can do things like listen to music, send/receive messages, take phone calls, and get turn-by-turn directions. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto allow you to put your favorite apps on your vehicle’s touchscreen, which makes navigating menus much easier to do while driving. You can also use voice commands and the Siri function for a completely hands-free experience. This level of connectivity is a life-saver on busy Houston freeways.

3.) MIB3 Infotainment System

On the 2021 models of Volkswagen, drivers will now have access to the newly redesigned MIB3 infotainment system. That’s not just one feature, but rather, a full suite of them. Included in the MIB3 infotainment system are wireless App-Connect®, multi-phone pairing, USB-C charging, upgraded available navigation system with improved map designs, enhanced voice recognition, and SiriusXM® with 360L streaming and satellite content on most models.

4.) Advanced Safety Features

When you’re out there on the road traveling at high speeds or in low light situations, nothing is more important than staying safe and constantly being aware of your surroundings. Fortunately, Volkswagen makes this easy for drivers by offering a full package of advanced safety features that includes forward collision warning, blind spot monitor, rear traffic alert, lane assist, front assist, adaptive cruise control, and high beam control. The 2021 VW Tiguan for sale was voted as a top safety pick by IIHS.

5.) Low Service/Maintenance Costs

You can’t take on Houston traffic if your vehicle is constantly in the shop. That’s why the low cost of maintenance rounds out our list. According to a recent study conducted by Your Mechanic, Volkswagen vehicles only cost $7,800 to maintain over the course of the first ten years of owning them. That put it at #22 on a list of the thirty cars that were surveyed (lower is better). For the sake of comparison, BMW ranked #1 on the list by costing drivers approximately $17,800 in repairs and service over the ten-year period. Mercedes-Benz was right behind BMW with $12,900. When it comes to getting replacement Volkswagen parts or routine maintenance, you can be assured that our VW service department won’t charge a premium like some of our German counterparts.

Test Drive a Volkswagen Today!

If you’re looking for a reliable vehicle that’s great on gas and packs in the most safety and convenience features in the industry, there are several Volkswagen cars and SUVs that get the job done. All of our most popular models, such as the Atlas, the Passat, the Tiguan, and the all-electric ID.4, are on the lot and ready to test drive. The best way to see which car is best for you is by contacting your local Volkswagen dealer. You can either search the term “Volkswagen near me” or visit us at VW Clear Lake, conveniently located at 15100 Gulf Fwy. in Houston.

We have Volkswagen models that can accommodate any family dynamic on the lot and ready to test drive. Check out our monthly specials, chat with us, or use our Contact Us form to schedule an appointment today.

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