How to Plan Out Your First Electric Road Trip

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Electric car trip

Taking Your Volkswagen Electric Car the Distance

When you purchase a Volkswagen ID.4, you’re getting one of the very best EV vehicles on the market.

That’s not an over-exaggeration. This Volkswagen electric car was named the winner of the 2021 World Car of the Year Award, besting its EV counterparts like Tesla, along with every other heavy hitter in the SUV category.

Drivers and reviewers alike love the Volkswagen ID.4 because it offers top-of-the-line driver assistance features, amazing infotainment, plenty of storage, and a comprehensive future-forward design. However, one big question that consumers have about the ID.4 is how much driving range it has. It’s a top-of-mind issue for any consumer that’s thinking of making the switch from a traditional vehicle to an EV.

Electric cars are great for city commuting because there are charging stations located all over the place. Most gas stations, grocery stores, Target and Wal-Mart locations have at least a few charging stations available for EV drivers. For those that are sticking around the city, finding their next charging station is never an issue.

Driving cross-country is a bit different, though. If you’re planning on driving hundreds and hundreds of miles, you’ll have to be mindful of your battery power as you embark upon your journey.

Getting to Know the Battery of Your Volkswagen Electric Car

Switching over to a Volkswagen electric car might be a bit of a culture shock, but once you learn the ropes, you’ll find that it’s not that huge of an adjustment. The Volkswagen ID.4 for sale uses an 82 kWh 400 V lithium-ion rechargeable battery that offers up to 260 miles on a single charge.

If you’re sticking around the Houston area, then you should have more than enough battery power to get you to and from work, along with all those little trips to the grocery store and other errands. You’ll need a charge eventually though, which brings us to the topic of chargers and how fast they get the job done.

With a 9.6kW charger, you’ll be able to get about 10 – 15 miles after a 30-minute charge. The more powerful 25kW charger will provide 30 – 50 miles after a 30-minute charge. Finally, with a DC Fast Charger, you’ll get about 180 miles after a 30-minute charge.

So, what exactly is the game plan if you’re planning a cross country trip? In a perfect world, you’re able to make your trip as fast as possible with a minimal number of stops. Let’s dig into some best practices that you can use during your first all-electric road trip.

Plotting Your Route with a Volkswagen Electric Car

Determining your route with an electric vehicle is essentially the same as it is with one that runs on gas. The big difference is that instead of looking for gas stations along the way you’ll need to be mindful of where the charging ports are.

Most highway exits and rest stops will have their charging ports clearly marked on the signs. You can find virtually any charging station in the country by visiting This site provides visitors a real time map that shows every active charging station, which is super convenient if you’re on the move and trying to plan ahead.

Major cities always have a higher number of charging ports than small towns and remote parts of the country. Keep that in mind when you’re planning your charging stops.

True Mileage and Multi-Tasking

As we mentioned earlier, the Volkswagen ID.4 gets 260 miles on a single charge. What you need to keep in mind is that the 260-mile benchmark is under the most ideal driving conditions. That means the vehicle is not carrying additional weight, and it’s not driving over difficult terrain. If you factor in varied road conditions (hills, snow, etc.) along with the passengers and luggage that you’re carrying, you’re not going to get that full 260 miles.

Of course, nobody wants to be stopping every few hours for a long charging session. That’s why we recommend multitasking while you charge. Cross-country journeys mean that you’re going to have to make stops for food, bathroom breaks, and sleep. Try to plan your charging sessions around these stops.

For instance, if you’re staying at a hotel along the way during your journey, then we highly recommend you choose one that features a charging station. Upon check-out, you and your family will walk out to a fully charged battery.

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Now that you know the ins and outs of how to road trip in the Volkswagen ID.4, the next step is for you to test drive one so that you can see first hand how well it handles. As the 2021 winner of the World Car of the Year Award, we can guarantee this is one of the very best new electric cars ever manufactured.

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