Meet the Most Iconic Volkswagen Vehicles of All Time

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The Top 4 VW Cars in History

When you think of iconic cars, you think of the “Back to the Future” DMC DeLorean, KITT from “Knight Rider,” and James Bond’s famous 1964 Aston Martin DB5. However, Volkswagen is no slouch when it comes to cranking out iconic vehicles. With our decades of history in the auto industry along with our many appearances on the silver screen, Volkswagen is right up there with the KITT cars and Bond vehicles of the world. To give you a little history lesson, we’re breaking down the top four most iconic Volkswagen vehicles of all time.

The Volkswagen Beetle (1950-1979)

Although the Type 1 of the VW Beetle was created in the late 1930’s, it wouldn’t be until the 1950’s that it would see a massive release in both Europe and in North America. To say that nobody had ever seen a car like the Beetle is a massive understatement. It was the quintessential definition of a cute and loveable car. Small in size and instantly iconic for its rounded body and huge headlights that dripped with personality. The Beetle was something few cars were in that day and age – expressive.

In fact, the 1963 Volkswagen Beetle was tagged to play the lead in the 1968 Disney film “The Love Bug,” which would go on to gross over $50 million dollars at the box office. And even though the VW Beetle was selling 100,000 Beetles per year in the U.S. alone, the film would essentially serve as a 108-minute commercial for the car, boasting its sales and cementing it into iconic status. The bug was a boon for Volkswagen dealers.

The Volkswagen Type 2 Transporter (1950-1979)

Starting in the 1950’s, Volkswagen had another hit on its hands in the form of the Type 2 Transporter (aka Kombi or Microbus). Yet again, the distinct look of the vehicle made it a standout. The classic VW headlights (used on the Beetle) and the oversized VW logo made the Transporter a one-of-a-kind vehicle among competitors. It also featured several windows going all around the body, providing passengers with spectacular views, no matter where they were seated. It could be used for camping, cross-country adventures, and for other applications such as emergency services.

What gives the VW Type 2 Transporter iconic status is how several countries embraced it and utilized it for different things – both commercially and recreationally. In South Africa, it was their vehicle of choice to use as an ice cream van for a time. The Type 2 also had one of the most extensive lists of variants and special editions of any van out on the road at the time. However, even when you saw a new Type 2, you still knew you were looking at a Volkswagen.

The Volkswagen GTI (1983 to current day)

If the VW Beetle is iconic for its look, the Volkswagen GTI is iconic for what’s going on under the hood. When you think of Volkswagen, most people think of small, cute, and unassuming cars. The VW GTI changed the landscape on all that. Originally rolled out in the 1980’s, the GTI showed casual everyday drivers that their cars don’t have to be humdrum, underperforming boxes of metal on wheels. The GTI was speedy, quick, and quite frankly, super fun to drive. It was affordable like any other VW vehicle, but had a sporty and nimble vibe about it. Even today, the GTI remains one of VW’s best-selling cars because drivers know they’re going to get just as much from a performance standpoint as they are from an aesthetic point of view.

The Volkswagen Beetle (1998-2001)

Some say that reboots just don’t work. That may be the case with movies, but in the case of the VW Beetle that rolled out in the late 90’s, the critics couldn’t be more wrong. It was the classic example of taking the spirit and general look of a vehicle, and then modernizing it to the taste and performance standards of today…and buyers and reviewers swooned over it. Equal parts nostalgia and modernity, the VW Beetle rerelease captured the hearts and attention of car-buyers by storm. Throw in a few more movie deals – a Herbie reboot and nice cameo in Austin Powers respectively – and you can see why people still remember the VW Beetle as a modern icon in automobile history.

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