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Coolant Fluid Service in Houston, TX

The coolant system is one of the most vital in your vehicle. This system cools the pistons of your motor, helps your AC to function, and also aids your heater when necessary. The coolant fluid must be rated with the proper PH levels. If this fluid starts to get dirty, break down, or lose its PH, it will no longer function properly in the cooling system. However, a coolant fluid exchange (or coolant flush) is a service that can ensure that your car’s engine coolant is working correctly.

What Is a Coolant Fluid Exchange?

A coolant fluid exchange replaces the old broken down fluid inside your coolant system with new clean fluid. However, despite the simplicity in describing the procedure, the process is slightly more complicated. Your car’s coolant system is pressurized, and if the coolant exchange is done improperly, air bubbles can be left in the system that will make the system not function at optimum levels. Professionals with proper equipment must perform this service. Another danger is that the appropriate fluid must be used. There are multiple types of coolant, and when some of them are mixed, a chemical reaction occurs that makes a muddy mixture that will damage your cooling system and lines.

The most important reason for monitoring and flushing out your coolant is your motor’s health. If your coolant loses its ability to cool down the engine, then your motor will overheat and cause expensive damages or break down altogether. Also, if your coolant is dirty or broken down, it can damage the lines or rust out the system’s metal parts. This damage could cause other future damages that would be expensive. The fluid exchange is a much cheaper service that will prevent costly repairs down the road.

How Often Do I Need a Coolant Fluid Exchange?

Checking your vehicle’s maintenance schedule is an excellent resource for when to have this service. Generally, most cars call for a coolant fluid exchange at 60,000 miles, and then every 30,000 miles after that. However, sometimes unforeseen circumstances can cause the need for the coolant fluid exchange earlier. It is wise to have your coolant’s PH levels checked regularly to monitor when the service would be needed.


Volkswagen Clear Lake Service Department

If you live in Pasadena, Pearland, League City, Friendswood, or the greater Houston area, come to Volkswagen Clear Lake for your coolant fluid exchange. We house certified technicians that can ensure that the procedure is done correctly with the right fluid. If you are unsure of your coolant status, our professionals can inspect your coolant system and check the PH of your fluid. You will get an unbiased and honest recommendation for the next step. Experience the difference in service quality and customer treatment at Volkswagen Clear Lake today.

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