Volkswagen Four-Wheel Alignment in Houston, TX

Volkswagen Four-Wheel Alignment in Houston, TX

Driving a Volkswagen is a distinctively fun experience, but driving one that’s not aligned correctly is a different story altogether. Driving a car or SUV with misaligned wheels can leave you tired and irritable. What’s more, it can end up costing you lots of money, and can even put you in danger. If you’ve noticed that your VW is misaligned, or if an alignment inspection shows that you need an alignment service, head to Volkswagen Clear Lake, serving League City and Friendswood. Our certified technicians will use precision tools to bring all four of your VW’s wheels back to factory specifications.

4-Wheel Alignment

If you drive a vehicle with a solid rear axle, the chances are that only the front wheels will need to be aligned. However, many Volkswagen cars and SUVs have either independent or semi-independent rear suspension and the independent front suspension. This provides a smoother and more enjoyable ride, but it also means that all four wheels are likely to become misaligned. In a four-wheel alignment, we’ll bring the camber, caster, and toe of all four wheels back into proper alignment so you can drive off with the peace of mind that comes from quality service.

How Do Wheels Become Misaligned?

Several things could cause a dramatic misalignment of wheels. For example, you could hit a pothole or a curb, or even be in a fender bender. But this is only part of the problem. Over time, the bumps and jolts of everyday driving are often enough to cause the wheels to become slightly misaligned. The wheels should have a precise camber, caster, and toe angle, and any deviation from this produces a suboptimal drive. Camber is the measurement of how far the wheels are from vertical when viewed from the front, while toe is the same measurement when the wheels are viewed from above. Caster angle refers to the difference between the vertical axis and the steering axis. All three of these can be thrown out of whack as time goes by, even if you avoid the biggest obstacles in the road.

What Are the Dangers of Misaligned Wheels?

We mentioned fatigue, but that’s just the beginning. When your wheels aren’t properly aligned, your tires won’t wear down evenly. One edge will usually get much more wear than the other. This means that you’ll have to replace all four tires much sooner than would otherwise be necessary. In addition, severely misaligned wheels could put you in danger, causing you to accidentally swerve into a curb or another lane of traffic.


Schedule Wheel Alignment Service at Volkswagen Clear Lake in Houston, TX

To keep your Volkswagen car or SUV on the straight and narrow, schedule a four-wheel alignment service at Volkswagen Clear Lake. We’re proud to offer an online service scheduling tool that makes the process smoother and easier. We look forward to helping you keep your VW performing at its peak!

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